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Music is the best medicine. Hi, I'm Chris Ekblom, the Monadnock Storyteller, and I make senior communities happy with music.                       


Like many residents in her community, my grandmother loved music. She lived in a nursing home the last years of her long life and when I visited I would bring my grandfather's guitar. We sang and I played songs he used to play. And during those visits we sat together and shared a musical moment that felt like home was only a song away. 

I want to create the same experience at your community as I did with my grandmother because the better we feel the better we heal. 

Music Programs for Retirement & Assisted Living Communities


Independent Living

Assisted Living

Skilled Nursing & Rehabilitation

Memory Care


I play my grandfather's guitar- a 1944 Gibson Jumbo J45 . Ever since I was a kid I remember music being in our lives. Pop Pop's house was full of instruments. There were guitars, harmonicas , mandolins,  and an organ that sat in a tidy, cheerful,  living room full of memories and comfy chairs. I remember growing up with grandparents who were loving and had an abundance of time for us. The happiest I remember being was with them. And now when I play music for other communities, I imagine family is right with me , and I'm kind of like everyone's grandson. 

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Thank you for your support and I am looking forward to visiting your community soon! In the meantime, give a like and check out more videos of The Monadnock Storyteller here on facebook.




                                            Best Wishes,




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