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What is a Monadnock Storyteller?

'Monadnock' is a native american name that means 'mountain that stands alone'. Mt. Monadnock in Jaffrey, NH, is a prominent landmark in the southwest region of the state. I grew up in Keene, NH where hiking activities always included an expedition to the top of Mt. Monadnock. I took the name because its awesome and I am a one man show.

The 'Storyteller' part is my narrative over the songs about the era, the song history, my family traditions the 1944 Gibson guitar,   my grandfather's family band , and little stories of family traditions.

Mission: The mission of the Monadnock Storyteller is to make senior living communities happy with music and storytelling.


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Who is the Monadnock Storyteller for?

Retirement & assisted living homes and senior retirement communities where the residents love music and are looking for new entertainers to perform at their community.  

What songs and stories do you play and tell?

Folk and country tunes mostly. Anything from Willie Nelson and Merle Haggard to Elvis and some Beatles. Check out my programs for details. The stories are basically a collection from my childhood in a musical family and being around music my whole life. We all have stories passed around at the holiday dinner table every year. I basically try to tap into those nuggets and share enough about myself and my story so that my audience remembers theirs. 


My Story

It all started with a visit to see my grandmother... When Sarah Gilbody, Meemaw,  moved into Sycamore Nursing Center in Loyalsock, PA , it was a big change in her life. To cheer her up I brought my grandfather's old Gibson guitar and played for her. With a few stories about Pop-Pop on the side and a harmonica,  I did this little show sitting on her bed. The music made it feel a little more like home. 


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Presenting 'Music is Medicine' for TEDx audience in Keene, NH in 2017. 

(603) 721-1004
The Monadnock Storyteller Fan Page
36 Mill Street, Epping, NH 03042


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