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Benefits to Small Attended Shows

Today I get to visit one of my favorite communities in Raymond, NH. The Wellstone House. Since moving to Epping, NH, this residential home has been a great source of joy for me. The residents here are a small group of about 5-9. The setting is a small living room just in front of the television. The old green carpet is a sign of the times when I grew up playing cars on my grandfather's living room floor. I love this space because it feels like home. There is love here between them and the caregivers. It's small enough

The residents here all know me by first name and give me a nice welcome as I set up for the show. The Wellstone house is unique because it's the only show I do without my microphone and amplifier. I just grab my tamborine and little harmonica and as long as my guitar is tuned up it's showtime! Christine loves Neil Diamond, specifically Sweet Caroline. Each time I play the song she reaches high into the air "...good times never felt so good!" Lee likes Elvis and is the first one to tap her toes and swing her legs back and forth. When I watch her I try to mimic what she does and then we are singing so it's really cool.

Everyone there seems comfortable who attend the show. Here are a few video examples of what it is like to play at communities where the space is intimate.

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