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Prayer before the Show

Dear Lord,

Please allow me to bring love and light and happiness to this community through music and storytelling. Please help me to become a soothing presence for each resident during the show. Help me to be respectful, loving, caring, compassionate, and present for them. Help me to create a special moment for every resident at this community. May the music I share become a light for them so they may shine more. May the songs I sing touch their hearts and may the stories I tell help them remember special, happy moments of their lives. Give me the strength to play this guitar well and help me to remember the words and chords to each song. Help me to lead each story to a point they understand and relate to.

Thank you for allowing me to do the work I love to do. Thank you for helping me discover my passion and purpose in this life. Please be with me this day and help me to do my very best for them. Amen.


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