Sharing music at Retirement Communities

Sharing music has always been one of those things that gives me a thrill. Whether I am jamming with a buddy in their basement or playing guitar with my grandfather or doing a recital in front of lots of people I don't' know. The adrenaline has always been there. And I use that for my advantage. I let that energy some consider a problem, and use it for the betterment of my show.

Growing up with grandparents that had so many musical instruments was a blessing. I got to know the sounds of a guitar, piano, trombone, and harmonica and Pop could play every one of them. He didn't always sing in tune but he knew how to play a lot of instruments. I remember Pop showing us a tune on mandolin and then him saying. "Show your father what you can do." And we'd go right on playing the song without caring about the mistakes. We just liked the sounds.

I try and bring the same easy, care-free, happy feelings to each song as I progress through the show. It's not about doing everything right. It's about creating an experience for your audience that is genuine and special.

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